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About Treena

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My Approach 

~ My approach is transpersonal, earth/nature based, holistic, and person-centred. All of you is included in a session; body, mind and spirit. This is also true for tarot and collage sessions.

~ I draw on family systems theory, somatic, shamanic and mindfulness based practices. I may incorporate guided meditation/visualization and experiential exercises or offer tools where appropriate.

~ Your session is always about YOU. My role is to support you to the best of my ability. Together let's find a path of healing that honours you and aligns with who you are.

~ You are the best authority on your experience, and I recognize you as being fully capable of fulfilling your own potential for growth.

~​ I will see YOU as the unique and beautiful individual you are, not the labels or patterns you may identify with.

~ The places you may feel stuck or the crises you experience are profound opportunities for growth and change. 

~ I believe in going to the root of a problem or pattern rather than focusing only on surface symptoms.

~ I work organically and choose to be curious rather than certain, open rather than fixed on any one way of relating with you. 

~ I encourage you to set intentions and do your work to grow, however the choice is always up to you. 

Who I Work With 

~ anxiety 

~ trauma

~ recurring life/relationship patterns 
~ deepening relationship with soul
~ spiritual guidance or direction 
~ honouring transitions or thresholds

~ grief and loss including ecological grief
~ communication and boundaries

~ hormonal issues/changes 

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Qualifications and Training

I am a Registered Professional Counsellor (RPC) and group facilitator. In addition to my private counselling practice, I have spent many years facilitating workshops, hosting women's circles and groups, and supporting others to heal, grow and create positive changes in their lives and relationships. 

​I received my diploma in Transpersonal Counselling Psychology through Clearmind International Institute, Vancouver, BC, in 2009, and became registered with the Canadian Professional Counsellor's Association (CPCA) in 2010. I'm trauma informed and regularly engage in classes and workshops that help me learn and expand my knowledge and skills. 

Other trainings include:

~ The Spiritual Healing Journey with Thomas Hubl - 2023/2024

~ Healing Broken Connections with Thomas Hubl and Diane Poole Heller - 2022

~ Sacred Instructions - Indigenous Wisdom for Living Spirit Based Change with Sherri Mitchell - 2021

~ Introduction To Soulcraft - Nature Based Soul Initiation - Animas Valley Institute (online) - 2021

~ 19 Ways To the 5th World with Deena Metzger - 2019-2020

~ Healer's Intensive - Vision, Training and Initiation with Deena Metzger - 2019, Topanga, California 

~ Compassionate Inquiry with Gabor Mate - 2018

~ Community Healer's Intensive with Sarah Kerr - 2018

~ Questpath with Cat Caracelo - Journey Path Institute - 2017-2018

~ Transformation Game Facilitatior Training - 2014, Findhorn Foundation, Scotland

~ Wilderness Guiding Skills- Certified Wilderness Guide - 2001, NWCC



Book A Consult Now

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Let's Connect 

Call: 250 891 1817 


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