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Water Ripple

I have learned to view existence with a broad lens, with a knowing that there is a Presence here much bigger than me that is always holding me and supporting me to grow, and that if I trust in this Presence, or Spirit, it will guide me.


I have a strong bond with the natural world and a belief that everything is connected, that we are part of a larger web of existence and that all acts affect the whole. These beliefs sustain my life and inform my work.





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Whatever life issue you are currently facing, a session with me provides you with a safe, nurturing space to delve more deeply into who you are and discover what is true and real for you. During our time together I will view the places you may feel stuck or the crises you experience as profound opportunities for growth and change. Darkness can be a necessary part of your passage to something new and ultimately exciting, and asking for support may be an important first step in that direction. Sometimes life and emotions are messy! ALL of you is welcome here. 

Fees: 60 Min Counselling Session: $120

         90 Min Counselling Session: $150

*A sliding scale is offered for those with limited finances

Olive Grove

Healing With The Tarot

A tarot session combines my skills as a counsellor with the healing power of the tarot. As a long time student of the tarot, I have experienced the healing potential inherent in these cards. Although the Wildwood Tarot is pictured here, I work with different decks and offer options as we begin our session. 

Fees: 90 Min Tarot Session:  $150 

*A sliding scale is offered for those with limited finances

Healing With The Tarot

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Water Ripple

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