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My Journey 

My Journey

When I decided to become a counsellor and began my studies in 2006, I knew I had found my calling. Having myself journeyed through many difficult initiations, I became fascinated by the resilience of the human spirit and passionate about the courageous transformations I had personally experienced and witnessed in others. I longed to serve, to connect, to let others know they weren't alone.


I have always felt a strong resonance with the natural world. Born restless and seeking adventure, I've pushed boundaries and walked the edges in my desire to grow and transform. Although I was named for trees, trusting my roots and allowing stability have been among my greatest challenges. 

 As a child I was extremely sensitive, intuitive and emotional and because I felt so much, and had little emotional guidance, I came to believe that there must be something deeply wrong with me. This mistaken belief lead me down a dark path of rebellion that would last through my teenage years.

I went on to spend my twenties travelling the world, all the while running from a gnawing pain within me that I could not escape. I became addicted to alcohol and used food and relationships to numb my pain and anxiety and quiet my mind. Then, just days before my thirtieth birthday, I was given an urgent wake up call from Spirit. Recognizing that I could no longer manage my life, I chose to listen. 

With the help of AA, supportive family,  friends, and therapists, and the spiritual text 'A Course In Miracles', I overcame my addictions and forged a new path. I became willing to go to the root of my difficulties and was gradually able to build a new and loving relationship with myself, with life, and with those around me.

Image by Luke Besley
Image by Peter Aschoff

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